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Gretna Basketball Association

GBA Select Program

The Gretna Basketball Association strives to provide opportunities for all Gretna area youth to participate in basketball. Our GBA programs consist of different levels of competition that are both a feeder program for Gretna High School, and an opportunity for all Gretna students to participate in, and gain a lifelong love of the game of basketball. Below is a summary of our 3rd through 8th grade basketball teams that compete in Omaha area leagues and tournaments. In addition to these teams, we offer a Fundamental league for 1st through 6th graders that provides an introduction to basketball and focuses on fundamental skills. The Fundamental League is open to all Gretna area residents and is recommended for those new to the sport (See the Fundamental League page for more details).

GBA Select

GBA Select will consist of the top 25-30 players per grade from a tryout to make up to three teams.  The top 8-10 players, that are determined to be able to compete at an upper silver level or higher, will be selected to the GBA Elite team.  The GBA Elite team will have an additional practice per week and will have added tournament opportunities.  The remaining selected players will be broken out between 2 teams to ensure an appropriate split of height and ball handling.  If it is determined that the top 8-10 players would not be able to compete at an upper silver or higher level, then there will be up to three appropriately split teams.  To make a GBA select team, all players must have basketball skills and experience to play at a competitive level.

GBA Club

All players who are not selected to play on a GBA Select team, will be able to register for a GBA Club Team that will be put together in early September and will participate in an Omaha league that is appropriate for the skill level of that team.  To participate on a GBA Club Team, it is not necessary to tryout, and all players will be allowed to play subject to team availability.

2019-2020 GBA Elite/Select Team Placement

Following please find a listing of the 2019-2020 GBA Elite & Select team invitations. If your child has been placed on one of these teams, you will be receiving a team invite email, with instructions on how to accept team placement. Positions must be accepted by the end of the day on April 5th. If your child registered for the GBA Select program or attended tryouts, and they are not on one of the assigned teams, they are still a part of the program! We have moved them to our GBA Club program. Club players will also receive an invitation email and additional information to get them registered and get teams formed. Thanks to all who participated in our tryout process!

3rd Grade Boys

GBA Elite
Head Coach: Brad Wolverton
Assistant Coach(s): Jason Currie, Jason Kassmeier
Zane Currie
Garrison Hermsen
Kameron Kassmeier
Caleb Lessmann
Tavin Marquardt
Jacob Sherry
Brady Wolverton
Trevor Zabloudil

GBA Select Green
Head Coach: Jason Pinder
Assistant Coach(s):
Connor Caradori
Callum Cerny
Case Fairbairn
Cooper McCoid
Beckett Pinder
Izik Ragatz
Cole Waters
Austin Zeleny
Emmitt Zimmerman

GBA Select White
Head Coach: Jason Burson
Assistant Coach(s): Justin Stofer
Jackson Burson
Drew Chagnon
Reid Cradduck
Aidric Kuiken
George Manning
Ezra Seng
Zac Sherman
Teegan Stofer 
Max Urkoski

3rd Grade Girls

GBA Elite
Head Coach: Laura Marsh
Assistant Coach(s): Lonnie Graver
Brooklyn Donahue
Kourtney Dowding
Maddi Goldsmith
Elayne Graver
Rylee Hayduk
Avery Kneifl
Ellie Leahy
Hadley Stotz

GBA Select
Head Coach: Chris Perrings
Assistant Coach(s): Aaron Bush
Averi Bachman
Cooper Bush
Harper Dickes
Reagan Elgan
Natalie Perrings
Brynlie Reicks
Shea Turner
Morgan Von Seggern
Regan Wattjes
Olivia Yambor

4th Grade Boys

GBA Elite
Head Coach: Ryan Dowd
Assistant Coach(s): Nick Derby, Dan Whisler
Kael Beery
Grant Daniel
Zac Derby
Leo Dowd
Noah Fulton
Dylan Hoffman
Jhett Junker
Parker Snowdon
Talan Whisler

GBA Select Green
Head Coach: Jon Bowling
Assistant Coach(s): Kyle Johnson, David Stone
Cole Barkdoll
Walker Bowling
Cael Brown
Jack Huttmann
Ainkin Iippe
Brett Johnson
Jake Stone
Gavin Visser
Cooper Williams

GBA Select White
Head Coach: Luke Moyer
Assistant Coach(s): Dirk Chatelain
Ian Burch
Luke Chatelain
John Gras
Brogan Moyer
Andrew Reineke
Ryan Sims
Covin Votruba
Luke Young

4th Grade Girls

GBA Elite
Head Coach: Kyle Janssen
Assistant Coach(s): Steve Winton, Jeremy Eickhoff
Natalie Boozikee
Averi Bridges
Logann Dostal
Brooklyn Eickhoff
Koco Janssen
Jordyn Levinson
Ava Nowling
Aspen Votruba
Faith Winton

GBA Select Green
Head Coach: Scott Klostermeyer
Assistant Coach(s): Jason Dailey
Hadley Dailey
Morgan Daniel
Brynn Gangwish
Phoebe Hammond
Mya Keleher
Codi Klostermeyer
Claire Luthi
Bella Mueller
Addisyn Pieschke
Ryleigh Pritchard

GBA Select White
Head Coach: Greg Beach
Assistant Coach(s): Mike Wize, Andrew Consbruck
Addelynn Aude
Charlotte Barth
Charlotte Beach
Lauren Consbruck
Avery Cushing
Brynn Jasa
Izabella Kahm
Hailey Smidt
Landrie Sutton
Lena Wize

5th Grade Boys

GBA Elite
Head Coach: Jason Barcel
Assistant Coach(s): 
Logan Barcel
Chase Grow
Lucas Hack
Beck Hovie
Trey Potthoff
Bryce Shapiro
Nolan Spencer
Ethan Tippery
Lucas Winterboer
Bennett Wolverton

GBA Select Green
Head Coach: Nate Johns
Assistant Coach(s): 
Preston Andrews
Braylon Brolliar
Jacob Clark
Ayden Cruz
Graham Johns
Brody Marsh
Cohen Melgoza
Owen Spurgeon

GBA Select White
Head Coach: Scott Bear
Assistant Coach(s): Jon Swanson
Lawson Bear
Owen Helm
Abraham Isaacson
Zeke Jasa
Brayden Jurgensen
Madden Magnussen
Max Pearson
Maddex Richardson
Alexander Swanson

5th Grade Girls
All registered players will play at Club level. 

6th Grade Boys

GBA Elite
Head Coach: Wes Rodgers
Assistant Coach(s): Jason Boltz, Brian Peters
Drew Boltz
Drew Dowd
Jaxon Godfrey
Blake Harris
Jacob Hawley
Michael Knudsen
Conner Peters
Mason Pettit
Ryan Wilwerding

GBA Select Green
Head Coach: Steve Dicken
Assistant Coach(s): Rick Kappius, Steve Holdren
Miles Cradduck
Carson Dicken
Easton Harris
Hayden Holdren
Seth Kraegel
Kolton Reicks
Trevor Sabatka
Quinten Sumners
Oscar Zierott

GBA Select White
Head Coach: Ryan Johnson
Assistant Coach(s): Jeff Hogrefe, Nate Dickes
Michael Allan
Owen Dickes
Elijah Fulton 
Wil Hogrefe
Sam Johnson
Klay Kassmeier
Isaac Lamb
Noah Riecken
Gabe Rowley

6th Grade Girls

GBA Elite
Head Coach: Chris Rhoades
Assistant Coach(s): Lonnie Graver, Kyle Johnson
Jordyn Campbell
Haidyn Cleveland
Evynn Graver
Brylee Heard
Kendall Johnson
Maggie Miller
Kate Rhoades
Kelsey Van Waart

GBA Select 
Head Coach: Laura Marsh
Assistant Coach(s): John Maderak, Luke Towey
Addie Benge
Payton Bush
Piper Cook 
Brooklyn Dowding
Emerson Husen
Kaitlyn Johnson
Sadie Maderak
Delaney Towey

7th Grade Boys

GBA Elite I
Head Coach: Carter Donahue
Assistant Coach(s): Kyle Janssen, Nate Dickes
Brody Bernal
Emmitt Dickes
Griffin Goldman
Talan Hovie
Kalvin Janssen
Grant Rice
Zaden Ruffcorn
Logan Secora
William Sims
Calvin Zabloudil

GBA Elite II
Head Coach: Carter Donahue
Assistant Coach(s): Tim Silliman, Ben Vetter
William Barth
Curran Boswell
Hunter Consbruck
Trevor Cox
Tyler Cox
Tanner Erdkamp
Ike Jarzynka
Carter Lightwine
Luke Silliman
Drew Vetter

GBA Select Green
Head Coach: Jeff Donahue
Assistant Coach(s): Clint Siskow, Phil Janulewicz
Brody Brichacek
Brady Donahue
Cole Edwards
Nolan Green
Aidan Janulewicz
Landon Jenkins
Braden Lofquest
Peyton Parker
Asher Siskow
Landon Ward

GBA Select White
Head Coach: Kurt Nielsen
Assistant Coach(s): Dave Raymond
Reese Bertrand
Noah Brion
Joey Costanzo
Carter Craven
Easton Leahy
Grant Lisiecki
Jaxon Nielsen
Alex Nowling
Luke Raymond

7th Grade Girls

GBA Elite 
Head Coach: Samantha (Sam) Mohrman
Assistant Coach(s): Kelly Jansen
Addison Armitage
Bianca Calabretto
Elle Heckenlively
Grace Jansen
Skarlett Jones
Izabel Spencer
Allyson Votruba
Karli Williams
Emily Woods
Sophie Woods

8th Grade Boys
All registered players will play at Club level. 

8th Grade Girls

GBA Elite 
Head Coach: Matt Rose
Assistant Coach(s): Steve Kozak, Doug Deines
Ava Boyce
Grace Corrigan
Faith Deines
Faith Frame
Erin Hildebrand
Brooke Kozak
Emma Martin
Brooke Rose
Audrey Wilcoxson

GBA Team Details

GBA Select Elite

1.  Must compete at an upper silver or gold level, as determined by GBA.
2.  Will be provided two team practices per week, and one weekly skill session at Hoffman Hoops Academy.
3.  Teams will participate in an Omaha league and tournaments, or just in tournaments, with tournament allotment as described below (allotment is in addition to the GBA tournament in November).

Play in Both Play in One Don’t Play in
  Grade Level League Sessions League Session League
3rd and 4th Grade 4 tournaments 6 tournaments 8 tournaments
5th and 6th Grade 6 tournaments 8 tournaments 10 tournaments
7th and 8th Grade 8 tournaments 10 tournaments 12 tournaments

4.  Costs (not including uniforms)

3rd and 4th Grade:   $600
5th and 6th Grade:   $675
7th and 8th Grade:   $750

GBA Select

1.  Will be comprised of relatively equal teams in order to ensure all teams have a mix of height and ball handling.
2.  Will be provided one team practice per week.
3.  3rd through 5th grade teams will have one skill session at Hoffman Hoops Academy every other week.
4.  6th through 8th grade teams will have one skill session at Hoffman Hoops Academy every week.
5.  Teams will participate in both sessions of an appropriate Omaha league.
6.  Tournament allotments as follows (allotment is in addition to the GBA tournament in November):

3rd through 5th Grade:  3 tournaments
6th through 8th Grade:  6 tournaments.

7.  Costs (not including uniforms)

3rd through 5th Grade:  $300
6th through 8th Grade:  $425

GBA Club Teams

1.  Will have open registration through August with teams to be formed thereafter.
2.  Will have one practice per week, and one skill session per month with an appropriate trainer (Hoffman Hoops Academy or High School basketball coach, or equivalent, to be determined)
3.  Will compete in an appropriate Omaha league for the skill level of the team.
4.  Will be allotted up to 2 tournaments for grades 3-5, and 3 tournaments for grades 6-8.
5.  Costs (not including uniform).

3rd through 5th Grade:  $240
6th through 8th Grade:  $260

General Tryout Information

GBA Competitive Team Selection Process, Goals, and Guidelines
These guidelines establish a uniform process and criteria to assure the Gretna Basketball Association Competitive Boys and Girls program provides each player with a fair and equal opportunity to demonstrate his/her ability. These guidelines are also intended to promote the integrity of the selection process for each team. Every effort is made to place boys/girls where they are in the best position to be successful, where they can become part of a team, and where they can grow as a player.  
Tryout Participation Requirement
Please register your attendance prior to your tryout date. A player must attend Gretna Public Schools or live in the Gretna school district to participate in the GBA program. Players will tryout for the grade level they will be in during the 2019-2020 school year. No player is allowed to play up or down any grade level from that which they will be in during the 2019-2020 school year.
If your child cannot attend tryouts but would still like to be considered for a team they must still register to tryout and also email [email protected] to let us know they will not be attending at the designated time. In these situations, the following procedures will be followed by the selection committee in an effort to place absent players appropriately:
*Prior year coaches evaluation will be reviewed and consulted along with coaches and others familiar with the excused player to obtain perspective of the player's basketball abilities compared to others at the same grade level.

Tryout Guidelines
Players will be assessed on their individual and team skills at tryouts. Individual skills include, but are not limited to: ball handling, offensive and defensive skills, passing, and general athletic ability. Various drills will be used to evaluate the players in these areas. Team skills include, but are not limited to: offensive and defensive skills in a team environment, court awareness and decision making, passing ability and overall competitiveness. 3-on-3 and 5-on-5 scrimmages will be used to evaluate the players in these areas. 

Players are encouraged to remember that basketball is a team sport, and team selection is not based on points scored. During the tryout process, evaluators will be looking for players who possess the basic fundamentals of basketball, rather than a player that scores the most baskets.

Post tryout information

1. Select teams will be announced within one week of tryouts.  Once initial rosters are announced, players will have one week to register to accept their spot on a team.  An initial payment will be required at registration with payment plans available.  GBA wants all youth to be able to participate, regardless of financial ability.  To request financial support from GBA, please contact GBA at [email protected]

2.  Refunds are only given due to medical reasons or if player moves to another school.  Refunds for any other reason will be at GBA discretion.   

3. If you are interested in coaching your child's team, please volunteer during the registration process, or contact Matt Rose ([email protected]) with your request. Volunteering to coach does not guarantee you a coaching position.

4.  It wil be a best efforts to accounce coaches at the time rosters are announced.  Coaches will be determined by GBA based on experience, feedback, and overall basketball knowledge.  GBA coaches will be required to complete a background check satisfactory to GBA and complete appropriate safe kids training and other trainings as required by GBA.

5.  If you have any questions, please contact us at: [email protected]

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